A Kickstarter success looking improve their game

TopspinPro launched a Kickstarter project a few years ago and it was a major success, they now have shipped to 100's of locations and supplied high profile clients like Richard Branson with training aids. We were commissioned to rebrand the website and focus on the customer experience and the product.

Throughout the site, we have designed many places for the customer to interact with the site. We used animation and custom graphics to pitch how the training aid will improve customers topspin in a 5 minute a day routine.


UI Design, UX Design, Research, Newsletter Design, Newsletter Build


UI Designer

UX Designer

Animator (AE)


Long form pages that pitch each part of the main product

Throughout the site, the pages are longer than what is considered as standard. This is not a typical shopping site because the focus is on a single product with accessories so the focus is on each feature as a standalone section.


A premium colour palette

The dark colour scheme matches the target market of professionals and mid-high earners. Finding innovative ways to feed in the main green of the brand was also an important task within the project.


Strength & Movement

The font had to be versatile and look like it was almost moving at times whilst in italics. Exo 2 was a perfect blend of strength with enough variations to create a hierarchy within the design.

wordsbg fontimage